Speedtouch USB driver homepage


The Speedtouch USB Mail List
If you are searching for help from other users like you (developers are also on this mailing list, so it's useless to send an email to the list AND to them). This mailing list is for you, you can discuss anything that's related to the SpeedTouch USB modem (off topic are : Windows, NAT configuration, DNS setup, ...). Both French and English are accepted, but not HTML.

First of all, read the archive of this mailing list before subscribing. Your problem may already have a solution.

IRC channel
If your prefer to get a direct help or would like to discuss design of the driver, there is a channel for you. It is sometimes very active and sometimes it seems every one is sleeping. Be aware that French and English are mixed.

Server : irc.freenode.net
Channel : #speedtouch

You can use a mirror.

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